Happy Canada Day!

We are proud to be Canadian and feel very fortunate to be able to live in a country as fantastic as ours! We hope that our clients have a safe and wonderful long weekend. For those of you who need an appointment, we will be closed at both locations from Friday June 28th through until […]


Coping with Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain. It is an irritation and inflammation of the plantar fascia, which is a band of tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot from your heel to your toes. Although more common in athletes, plantar fasciitis can occur in anyone. Causes The plantar fascia provides […]


Fallen Arches – Causes and Treatments

When looking at your foot from the inner side, you should see a curve in the middle. This is where the arch of your foot is located. Various tendons in your foot and lower leg all create the arches in your feet. Through pulling, they form a normal arch. When they aren’t pulling enough or […]


Foot Problems as we Age

Our bodies change as we grow older. Whether gaining or losing weight, getting taller, shrinking, or developing health concerns, a multitude of differences occur in our body as we age. Our feet are no exception to this. Taking us everywhere we’ve gone since childhood, they’ve seen a lot of use and experienced a lot of […]


Preventative Daily Footcare

Taking care of your feet when you’re younger can prevent a wide variety of problems from developing as you age. Your feet allow you to get places, be productive, engage in most any physical activity, and enjoy a good quality of life hence following daily footcare routine will maintain optimal foot health and doing what […]


Tendon Injuries in Athletes

As the winter season rolls in and the weather gets cooler, sports begin to move indoors. Beach volleyball games become gym games, and outdoor pickup games of basketball become indoor court games. Even joggers and runners find indoor tracks or gym equipment to avoid the harsh winds and slippery sidewalks. Just because the athletes are […]


Taking Care of your Feet This Winter

Each season, your feet require different types of care. From the footwear you choose to the maintenance you perform, taking care of your feet is essential no matter what the weather outside. This winter, be prepared for anything Mother Nature throws your way with these winter foot care tips. Have Well-Fitting Footwear Trying to keep […]


Top 5 Holiday Gift Ideas

I was once told that the best gift for anyone would be something they can really use and that they would never think of, to buy themselves. Perhaps it is out of not being able to afford it, or that they simply didn’t think of it. A pair of custom made foot orthotics is the […]


Tips to Deal with Arthritis Foot Pain in the Winter

Arthritis is never pleasant, but it seems to act up more in the colder months. Though there are no concrete scientific reasons why, there are some ideas as to what causes this to happen. Some believe it to be due to the cold weather tightening your muscles. Others think the change in air pressure in […]


November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Many Canadians are facing the struggle of diabetes, with an estimated one in three currently diagnosed, and over a million more living with the disease undiagnosed. The goal of diabetes awareness month is to bring attention to the disease, it’s impact, it’s risk factors, and preventative measures you can take so you can hopefully avoid […]


Stinky Feet

The smell on our feet is a result of bacteria build up. We grow bacteria on our feet as a result excessive sweat. Our patients who have the smelliest feet, tend perspire a lot. Our construction workers, athletes, sweaty teenagers are amongst the sweatiest. Our hands may sweat and even our heads may sweat but […]

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