Custom orthotics

These custom-made prescription medical devices are placed inside your shoes to correct the mechanical joint and muscle dysfunction that contributes to foot pain. They are also used to treat and prevent injury-causing motions such as excessive pronation (rolling in) supination (rolling out) and to help make standing, walking and running healthier and more efficient.

Genuine custom orthotics start with a thorough exam, a cast of your feet using plaster of paris or a 3D scan, and a detailed prescription form, which are all sent to a professional lab. Some clinics use a computerized force platform to get impressions, which are then used to modify a pre-manufactured insole. These are not true custom orthotics – if there’s no cast, a complete impression of your foot has not been taken, and you don’t get the full benefit.

Chiropodist Stephen Chu does all fittings for orthotics. Chiropodists train more extensively in the function, biomechanics and orthotic manufacturing than any other foot care practitioner; when they make orthotics, you know they’ll fit right.


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