Orthopedic shoes

Orthopedic shoes are footwear verified by a medical professional to be wide enough and deep enough for your foot, and can be made to accommodate any pain or deformity. Chiropodist Stephen Chu does all the fittings for shoes in our clinic.

There are three types of orthopedic shoes: off-the-shelf models, custom modified shoes and custom shoes. Check with your insurer to see what they cover.

  • Off-the shelf orthopedic shoes are wide enough, deep enough and cushioned enough to be deemed orthopedic by the manufacturer and the health practitioner that prescribed them.
  • Custom modified orthopedic shoes are off-the-shelf products altered to treat a medical condition. But be aware that some insurance plans only cover the modification. For example, if you need a lift to raise the height of one shoe, your insurer may only pay for the lift – but not the shoe itself.
  • Custom orthopedic shoes are made specifically for your foot, and are meant for a medical deformity or condition (bone protrusion, birth defect, disease or accident) that won’t fit into any shoe on the market. Custom shoes are made off-site and must be medically justified to be covered by insurance. Please note, we do not prescribe them for pain alone; the pain must be accompanied by a deformity.
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